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    Proizvođač: HP

    Tinta HP 51645AE HP45 CRNO HP DJ 820/850/870

    Tinta HP 51645AE HP45 CRNO HP DJ 820/850/870

    Jedinstvena šifra artikla: 24952
    Dostupnost: Dostupno
    116,40 KM sa PDV-om

    Tinta HP 51645AE HP45 CRNO HP DJ 820/850/870

    Tinta HP 51645AE HP45 CRNO HP DJ 820/850/870

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    Podloga za miš ESPERANZA, Gel wrist rest, anti-slip, BLACK, EA137K

    8,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Gel mouse pad designed to work with both optical and laser mice. Provides high precision mouse movement. Adapts to the shape of the wrist, helping to keep them in the correct position and prevents fatigue during work. Covered with an easy-to-clean material. Non-slip base prevents the pads from sliding on the desk.

    Pasta za CPU hladnjak GEMBIRD TG-G1.5-01

    6,00 KM sa PDV-om
    Thermal compund (grease) for heatsinks Helps the heat dissipation from a CPU, chipset or processor to a heatsink Excellent thermal impedance Perfect stability - will not separate, run, migrate, or bleed Non capacitive or electrically conductive Specifications Weight: 1.5 g Color: grey Thermal conductivity: > 4.5 W / mK Thermal Impedance <0.205 C-in2 / W Density: > 2.5 Evaporation: <0.001 % Volatility: <0.005 % The dielectric constant: > 5.1 Dissipation Factor: <0.005 Viscosity: 76 CPS Thixotropic index: 310 ± 10 C Operating Temperature: -50 240 C Composites: 50% silicone compounds Compounds: 30% of carbon The compounds of metal oxides: 20%

    Baterija VERBATIM ALKALNA 9V 049924

    2,70 KM sa PDV-om
    Baterija VERBATIM ALKALNA 9V 049924

    Podloga za miš GEMBIRD MP-A1B1-R, platno, header card, 220x250x4mm

    1,50 KM sa PDV-om
    Cloth mouse pad with header card COMFORT AND PRECISION Does not move on the table Provides perfect control over mouse cursor Designed for optical mouse

    Kabl napojni interni, SATA (male) to Molex (female) CC-SATA-PS-M 15cm power cable, GEMBIRD

    5,00 KM sa PDV-om
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    15-pin SATA male to 4-pin Molex female power cable